ADX Architects are known for their ability to create high-quality and highly functional structures and homes for people. The designs and concepts they come up with are designed keeping in mind the highest standards of excellence. The client is able to get a unique and state-of-the-art structure built in Singapore that can enhance the look of its locality. Architects are also adept at designing highly technical constructions such as tunnels, bridges, and other underground constructions.

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There are a large number of firms that offer architectural services in Singapore which are run by professionals with years of industry experience. These professionals are responsible for the designing and developing of residential, commercial and industrial spaces in Singapore. The most popular areas where a professional firm can be hired to design are the country’s Marina, Central Business Districts, and the Central Business Districts i.e. the areas of the Orchard and the Oxford Street area. These architects from across the world are gaining a good reputation for their expert skills and high quality of designs.

Architectural engineering in Singapore deals with the design and construction of public structures and systems. The main aim of these professionals is to create efficient and effective systems of transportation and communications. They also concentrate on the design and planning of the various buildings and infrastructure like airports, skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, marinas, buildings etc. These architects are skilled in using different forms of technology for their work. This includes Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Software Aided Design (SAD).

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