How to write an event press release – Writing an event press release may be exciting, if you understand that you probably won’t be attending it. But the press release can nonetheless move the readers to go ahead and purchase the ticket for a sold-out event seat. And even if they don’t buy it, they’ll read it anyway. What is the power of an event-press release? It simply is not the same as regular marketing, where you can easily push your products and services to the front of your target readers’ minds.


The power of an event-press release is about making it for your target readers to think about you. You need to select the best headlines in order to make this happen. An ideal audience for an event-press release headline is the one where the headline can do more than just sum up the benefits of a product or service. It needs to tell the reader why he should pay attention to what you have to say, what he can gain by following your lead and what he needs to do to get in touch with you.


A good event-press release headline will do the same thing as well. As mentioned earlier, it needs to tell the reader why he should read your release and follow the link to your website. It needs to tell the reader why he should go and purchase your tickets now, how he can secure his tickets online, how he can get event updates directly from you through email and more. In other words, your headline has to be pre-selling the reader. And the way to pre-sell is to have a good keyword-rich headline and a strong call to action.

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