american vintage australia

If you are looking for old furniture and antiques, then the American Vintage Australia is an ideal choice. The popularity of the Australian vintage can be traced back to the early part of the 1930s, when the First World War broke out. Many of the antique shops started their operations in Australia to cater to the needs of the war veterans. It was these shops which actually made contact with the American collector and businessman, Frank Kern, who had first purchased some Australian vintage articles.

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Frank was a veteran of the Pacific Northwest and was able to purchase beautiful pieces of furniture from the hinterlands of Washington State. His collection of antique, Australian glassware, knickknacks, quilts and pottery is now on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Since then, this gallery has become the number one American antique dealer in the country. Their website offers a great deal of information about their wares as well as photographs and images which illustrate their vintage style and beauty.

You can also find many antique reproductions which are inspired by the original designs. Some of the most popular options include beds, tables, dressers and mirrors. This Australian furniture is not cheap and would certainly fit your budget. However, if you have a passion for this kind of old world antiques, then you will not mind paying the asking price.

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