One of the most frequently asked questions concerning dreams is what does my dream mean. Many people want to know what their dreams mean because they want to have some idea what they are going to dream about when they wake up in the morning. There are even many different schools of idea about what a dream means with hundreds of different theories presented to date by scientists and Native American cultures. What have tried to do is to consolidate some of the more widely held beliefs about dreams regarding the meaning of dreams.

How to Know What Does My Dream Mean?

The two most widely held beliefs about what does my dream mean, are the beliefs held by the scientific community at large, and the beliefs held by Native American shamans and spiritual teachers and trainers. Among the scientific community there is the belief that dreams are random sequences of events which are dictated by the mind of the person that is dreaming. These events are not intended to have any particular meanings and in fact are very meaningless. The belief is that meaning in dreams comes from having a deeper understanding of the mind of the dreamer. This can be done through guided meditation and dream interpretation by professionals who practice dream interpretation or who have studied the meaning of dreams.

Among the most widely held beliefs of the Native people is that certain dreams are sacred and need to be interpreted in a certain way. These sacred dreams usually carry important information about what the dreamers needs are, and what they are trying to get out of the dream. In Native American culture, if a dream is not interpreted correctly, it can mean that the dreamer is not receiving what he or she needs from their dreams. Many Native American dreamers feel that if you don’t fully understand what your dream is trying to say to you then you will miss the very meaning of what your dream is trying to convey.

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