Arizona land surveyors do a very important job, and that job is to give the public the information they need regarding the boundaries, surface area, and other information about the vast wilderness areas of Arizona. The land surveyor’s job is to make sure that Arizona counties are properly delineated and that Arizona properties are properly laid out and organized within the county and its boundaries. In the process of doing this the land surveyor is in close contact with many individuals, banks, ranchers, developers, etc. In order for the land surveyor to do their job properly, they must have access to all the best Arizona land surveys and maps, as well as the best Arizona land surveying software programs.  Useful information –

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In Arizona, all land surveying must be done by Arizona land surveyors licensed through the Arizona State Board of Land Management. The land surveyor does an estimate of the land boundaries and calculates the lot lines and “woodsheds” on the land. The land surveyor then creates a true picture of the land surfaces and elevations before submitting his “Estimates of Surveys” to the Board.

All land surveys are not created equal. Some are done by hand, some by computer. One type of Arizona land survey is the “angles” type, the kind that is done by surveyors called “angles.” These types of land surveys are used to create accurate “model land” boundaries for projects, and sometimes to identify certain portions of a parcel that must be surveyed in more detail. Other types of Arizona land surveys are “level surface” land surveys, which are designed to create elevations of land surfaces; and “survey angles,” which are used to draw a plan view maps of any area where there is an accurate topographical representation.

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